Harmonize keeps track of all your discussion-related due dates across all of your courses using Harmonize with the To Do drawer, available in the top menu of most Harmonize pages.  These events can also be synced to your Canvas Calendar and Canvas To Do list via the Calendar Sync function.  This helps by providing additional reminders of upcoming due dates such as discussion milestones due ahead of the actual assignment due date.  Follow the steps belong to enable this syncing.

Setup Canvas Calendar Sync

Please note: in order to setup this sync, your institution must first setup and enable this feature in Harmonize: Configuring Canvas API Integration in Harmonize

  1. Open a Harmonize discussion topic or Q&A board in any of your courses or click on the Harmonize link in the course nav to launch the Communication Center
  2. Find the calendar icon in the Harmonize header bar and click on it to open the drawer:Harmonize Header Bar Calendar Icon
  3. At the top of the To Do drawer, click the link labeled Sync Items to My Canvas Calendar:Harmonize To Do Drawer Sync Link
  4. You will be taken to a Canvas authorization page, click Authorize to continue:Canvas Authorization Page for Harmonize Sync
  5. Your To Do items will now be kept in-sync with your personal Canvas calendar

Using Calendar Events

  • After you have setup the calendar sync, you can view your events by click on the View Course Calendar button or clicking on individual To Do items links:Canvas Course Right Menu
  • Once you've opened a calendar event, you can review a short description of the event as well as click on the included link to launch the Harmonize discussion topic:Canvas Calendar Event
  • As you complete items on your To Do list, those items will be automatically removed from your calendar and Canvas To Do list for you