Harmonize Chat allows Teachers and Students to communicate in real-time

  • The Chat tool will need to be enabled for your institution.  Contact harmonize-support@42lines.net to request it be turned on.
  • Students and Instructors can chat with other users in any of their courses that have Harmonize installed.
  • Create private or group conversations.
  • Block / Unblock a user.
  • Mute / Unmute a conversation.
  • Set your status as online, Away, Busy or Offline.
  • Mark individual messages as unread.
  • Mark all conversations as read.
  • Delete your own messages.
  • Disable / Enable Chat.
  • View saved conversations.

Accessing Harmonize Chat

  • Chat Icon
    • Select the Chat icon at the top of a Harmonize Discussion
    • Click New Chat to open a new chat window or click on the Settings Gear Icon to view Chat settings.
      Access the Chat interface via the icon.
  • User Profile
    • In Harmonize Discussion, clicking on anyone's name or profile picture will display a profile popup.
    • Click on the Chat button in the profile popup to start a private conversation with that user.

      Harmonize Profile Overlay from Discussion Post.
  • Course Navigation
    • Canvas Only: If Canvas is your LMS, you can also access Harmonize Chat from the left hand side to open a new Chat windowAccessing Harmonize Chat from the Canvas course menu.

Chat Settings

  • Clicking settings from your profile or the chat icon opens up Chat Settings
    • Open Chat: click the Open Chat button to open Chat in a new window
    • Turn On Chat Notifications: Enable notifications of chat activity on your device. See the full support article on Harmonize Chat Desktop Notifications for more details.
    • Disable Chat:  Disabling chat removes chat from your profile. Other users will no longer be able to chat with you and you will not be able to chat with others.
    • Enable Chat: You can select Enable Chat to turn chat back on and create new conversations or view previous conversations.
      Chat Settings page within your profile.

Creating a New Conversation

  • On the Chat window, click New Chat button to create a new conversation.  You can add recipients to your new conversation two different ways:
    • Select Recipients from the right hand side using the dropdown to filter users by your classes.
    • Start typing a user's name in the To field at the top and select the user from the list.
  • Type your message at the bottom and click Send or press Enter to start a conversation.
    • NOTE: Once a conversation is begun, you will no longer be able to add or remove recipients from the conversation. You can, however, create as many conversations with different recipients as you need.

Chat interface showing recipients list and message area.

Types of Messages

  • There are several types of messages you can send in a conversation.
    • Simple text messages.
    • URL links.
    • Document files for downloading.
    • Images and Videos that can be displayed and played in the conversation view.

      Harmonize Chat Conversation View Different Message Types

Setting your Presence

  • All Harmonize users have a presence, noted by the circle indicator on their profile picture and listed on their profile popup.
    • Your presence can be set, regardless if you have Harmonize Chat installed.
  • By default, when you are logged into Harmonize, your presence will be set to Online. 
  • Clicking on  your profile image in the top header of Harmonize, you can change your status to be Online, Busy, Away or Show as Offline.
    • You can still chat with recipients that are away, busy or offline.

Setting your chat presence from your profile.

Block a Recipient

  • You can block or unblock recipients from a conversation by selecting the menu option next to one of the user's messages and clicking Block Contact.

Blocking a user from the user action menu within chat.

  • Blocked users can still send messages.
    • Private Conversations: you will not see any messages from the blocked user.
    • Group Conversations: other recipients in the conversation will see the messages, but you will simply see A message has been sent from this blocked contact.
  • Use the same menu option to unblock the recipient.

Mute a Conversation

  • If you no longer want to be notified about new messages in a conversation, you can mute the conversations.
  • Select the conversation you want to mute, click on the menu button in the upper right corner of the conversation view and select Mute.
    Harmonize Chat Conversation Mute
  • The conversation will show a bell icon with a slash through it to note it has been mute.

    Bell icon indicating a conversation has been muted.
  • Muted conversations will move down to the bottom of your conversation list on the left.
  • Others in the group will not be informed that you have muted the conversation.
  • To Unmute, select the menu option again and click Unmute.

Delete a Message

  • You can delete any message that you have sent in any of your conversations.
  • Find the message you want to delete, click the menu button next to the message and click Delete.

    Harmonize Chat Message Delete
    • You will need to confirm that you want to delete the message to complete the action.
    • NOTE: Deleted messages cannot be retrieved.
  • Deleted messages are removed from every recipient's view of the conversation.

Mark Messages as Unread

  • If you want to mark a message as unread, click on the menu button next to a message and click Mark as Unread.Harmonize Chat Message Mark as Unread
    • The conversation will be updated to show the unread message count in the conversation list on the left side of the page.
    • Marking a message as unread will also mark any messages below it as unread as well.

Chat Conversation Options

  • Clicking the menu button above the conversations list displays 3 options:
    • Mark All as Read: marks all messages in all conversations as read.
    • View Blocked Contacts:  displays a list of all contacts you have blocked and offers an option to unblock individual users.
    • Settings:  opens up your Chat Settings.

Chat menu options

Chat Activity

  • New messages that have not been read will be visible by clicking the Chat icon on the Harmonize Discussion page.

    Chat Notification Drawer
  • The Chat icon displays the total count of unread messages in its badge.
  • Each conversation with one or more unread messages will display in the list.
  • Clicking on Settings opens up the chat settings.
  • Clicking on View All in Chat will open the chat window.